Sunday, August 10, 2014

Glass of wine with tomato

I was messing around the camera settings on Saturday and took this picture. That green tomato on the table was a casualty of my pruning the other day. It may or may not turn red on the deck. At least the wine is red. In the late afternoon I heard the revving of gas engines (mowers and weed trimmers) along with ripping and cutting noises from down the road. I went out to investigate and ran into our neighbor from Blois. I asked her what all the noise was and she told me that the people in the house next door to her were cleaning up. Ils nettoient, she said, with a big smile on her face.

The sun was in and out during the day on Saturday.

Indeed, when I walked by their house later with Callie, a huge previously overgrown piece of their property had been whacked and mostly cleared. I'm sure the neighbors are happy because they're always talking about how vipères (European viper or adder) and other critters like to live in the overgrown brush. The people who did the cleaning don't live in the house year-round, but they spend a couple of weeks each summer there. My neighbor and I talked a little and then she invited me to gather plums from her yard. We chatted for a while about nothing in particular and picked up little yellow plums that had fallen from one of her trees (they're the really ripe ones). I came home with a nice basket full of them. I should make a tart today.


  1. Great composition red and green.Red it means energy at green it means hope at my place.

  2. Yes, yes you should (make a tart) :)

    We've had good success this year so far with ripening tomatoes on the window sill. I would rather leave them on the vine, but the minute they start to turn pink, the squirrels are grabbing them, so I've started grabbing first... and finishing the ripening on the window sill. I was afraid they wouldn't taste good, but they do! I understand that part of the ripening/reddening process is accomplished through the exposure to a gas that comes off of the plants (and, I suppose off of the green tomatoes), which is why (I guess) you can get some success when you put several 'maters in a paper bag. Maybe you should pick one more tomato and put it there on the table with this big fella?

  3. Lovely photo Walt. I am glad your garden made it though the various storms.

  4. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one proned to accidental pruning.

    Are those yellow plums the ones called mirabelles? If so, they make awesome "confitures".


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