Sunday, August 24, 2014

August blahs

We're trying to make the best of this lousy August weather. I blanched a sizable harvest of green beans on Saturday and packed them into the freezer. Ken incorporated what may be our last zucchini into our lunch; the plants have more or less stopped producing. The vegetable garden thinks it's fall. I'm keeping it watered (between rain events) in the hope that the pepper and eggplant blossoms will become fruit. We've picked tomatoes, but there are many more green ones still on the vine. I'm hoping for some sunny weather to help them along. And while the corn stalks have developed ears, they're still pretty small.

Colorful grape vine tendrils. As fall approaches, there should be some nice color developing out there.

The cucumbers seem happy, as do the green beans, and there are a number of winter squash on the ground. Add to that the beautiful crop of chard that we're about to start picking and we can say that we've had a successful season. But it certainly doesn't measure up to some of the better gardens we've had in the last ten years. I find myself planning for next spring's planting.


  1. "I find myself planning for next spring's planting. "
    Pauline's doing the same!!
    Our plants on the "maggot" are doing well, considering!
    Picked over eight kilos of assorted cucurbits yesterday...
    and yet more runner beans...
    while the weather hasn't suited us, it has suited them!!
    Best crop we've ever had....
    the blighted tomatoes have climbed through the summer blight and are still producing....
    the dehydrator is currently full and should finish the cycle in fifteen minutes....
    but the humidity is way up.... so I might have to repeat after turning them.
    Pauline says quetsche jam is next....
    So... it may not be sitting out weather, but it is feeding us very well and stocking the larder!
    Anyway... once the Anglais tourists have all headed back home....
    the weather will turn sunny and bright!!

    1. LOL, Tim. Would you tell them to please go home now?

      What in the world is a maggot?

    2. Pauline is going to do a blog about the "maggot"!
      I am about to take a picture of it for the "end" of August...
      it is difficult to describe quickly...
      think GIANT compost heap plus....??

      Then I'll paint up a couple of "Go home vite, Anglais!!" banners to attach to the car...
      the old deuche will have to be the one.... the other two are both right hookers....
      and a dead give-away!

  2. It's downright chilly, for August!
    It was much like this when we were here in 2007, house hunting. I haven't been anywhere else for a holiday since! Maybe a cool August every seven years is the new norm.

    1. 2007 was the worst summer we've had, of the 12 we've spent here. However, September that years turned off sunny and very warm, at least for three weeks. I remember because my sister visited then and we had fun.

  3. It's been an odd month for summer, that's for sure.


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