Sunday, August 03, 2014

Just a little off the side

Remember when I told you that the grape growers use contraptions with spinning blades to trim the grape vines in summer? Callie and I saw one in action yesterday. I didn't have the camera with me, but here's an earlier picture of what the trimmed vines look like next to some that hadn't yet been trimmed.

This is not where we saw the trimmer in action, but you can still see the effect.

We got a little rain yesterday, but I haven't yet been outside to see how much. We're expecting some more today. That'll water the garden and refill our near-empty rain barrels.


  1. The light in that shot is really nice. We got a deluge yesterday... it couldn't have rained any harder. I guess these storms are very localized. I see more on the radar for today.

  2. Raining here all morning but nothing yesterday.

  3. Nice photo. I thin it was taken in the morning,Am I right?

  4. Wow.Amazing how far we've come agriculturally. The cornfields near me have so many stalks of corn planted per inch and no weeds. Vastly different when my father used to place one seed at a time in the ground and me and my brothers were assigned rows of corn to weed.

  5. That's the kind of rain we had on Friday :)

  6. Not a drop of rain for several days if not weeks here in the northwest - just hot- hot-hot and there are many forest fires raging out of control in both Washington and Oregon. Thank goodness they are not near me, so I am only stuck with cigarette smoke from my neighbors because I keep my windows wide open (for security - only the ones on the upper levels). Your rain barrels must be paying off handsomely this year with your on and off sun/rain days.

    Mary in Oregon


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