Tuesday, May 05, 2015

A storm in the night

Monday got warm and humid, and we had some light rain in the afternoon. I got up at half past midnight and noticed that it was breezy outside -- two of our neighbors have motion-sensitive lights outdoors and they were both lit up. The moon was bright and I could see the stars. Then, at around 02h30, I was woken by what I thought was the garbage truck (way too early). It turned out to be thunder in the distance. The thunder (and lightning) got closer and I got up again to see the storm going by to the northwest. When it was over, the wind picked up and by 03h30 the moon and stars were back.

This vineyard photo has nothing to do with today's topic.

This morning is quite clear but blustery. Needless to say, I had a rough night. It must have been the humidity and relatively warm air that kept me from sleeping well. When I did sleep, I had bizarrely vivid dreams; I might as well have been awake.


  1. I think you will need a nap today!

  2. Do you often recall your dreams? I only do once in awhile, and often when I am not sleeping well. Perhaps some mexican food and a nap today?


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