Friday, May 22, 2015

The greening of the vineyard

Every day, the leaves get bigger and greener. Vine tendrils are reaching up the guide wires and the grape flowers will soon be open. It won't be long before the posts among the vines disappear into the green. For now, they make varied patterns depending on where you stand.

It's becoming a sea of green.

I had a weird "illness" last night. While watching television, all my joints started to ache as if I had the flu. I took my temperature and had a low-grade fever just over 100ºF. I took a couple of aspirin and went to bed, feeling achy, and had some chills. By midnight it seemed to be over and I feel perfectly normal this morning. I have no idea what it could have been; Ken was fine.


  1. It was a little documented side effect of using Lightroom for too long!!

  2. You are lucky to see the growth change since you are there each day. More sunlight makes a difference. I'm glad your flu was a quick one.

  3. May have been a stomach bug which got out of your system ( your intestinal microbiata must have taken care of them) very fast .

  4. I call that the 24-minute flu. It happens now and then. Weird when it does.

  5. tim, must be.

    evelyn, more sunlight always makes a difference!

    t.b., could be. It was strange, but I'm glad it didn't last.

    chris, I like that. The name, not actually having it.


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