Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Roses are in bloom all over the hamlet. So many colors, so many varieties. And the wild roses are blooming on the edges of woods around the vineyards. Spring is beginning its transition into summer. The days are longer and longer. The early morning sun peeks into the house through the north windows; the evening light lingers past ten p.m.

This wild rosebud is not a sled.

I got half the lawn cut on Tuesday and will finish up today. It's time to get the tomato seedlings into the ground. On Monday I built a kind of trellis for cucumbers (long English cucumbers this year) in the garden and planted our cuke seedlings. The pepper and eggplant seedlings are growing, but are still a little on the small side. I think they like much warmer weather than we're having. The summer and winter squashes are ready to be set out, as are the collard greens. And the first of the green been seeds should go into the ground now. So much to do!


  1. Beautiful photo. But everyone is working so hard! It makes me simply exhausted (just thinking about it). I think I'll have lunch and go to the beach.

  2. Lovely photo Walt. I put in my garden in early April, and luckily we have had some rain (not enough!), and no freezes, so nothing has died. Yesterday I saw a few almost red tomatos. I will be interested to see how your cukes do on the trellis.

  3. rose are the best flowers

  4. judy, n'est-ce pas !

    mitch, going to the beach is work.

    christine, it will be a long while before we see red tomatoes here!

    gosia, oh, there are others that are nice, too!


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