Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tennis, anyone?

Today is the day. The French Open at Roland Garros in Paris gets under way. Raphael Nadal, the defending champion, is seeded only #6 making him the probable opponent of #1 seed Novak Djokovic in the quarter finals. That's pretty early. Roger Federer, seeded #2, is Djokovic's likely opponent in the final. But anything can happen!

That's our house peeking out on the right. Click on the photo for the full effect.

This photo shows the mass of wildflowers putting on a show in the donkey pen out by the vineyard. The flowers are mostly yellow buttercups and white daisies, but there's more if you look closely. I don't see the donkeys out there much lately, so the growth isn't being grazed down very quickly. I processed the image through Lightroom and am quite pleased with the result. It's not perfect, but at this resolution it's hard to see the problems. I'm about halfway through my 30-day free trial with the software and I haven't decided one way or the other.


  1. Gimp is a 365-day free program. It might be worth it to have a look at it while your Lightroom trial is on, or after it is up. I guess you can always come back to Lightroom if you want to.

    1. chm, have you tried it?

    2. Gimp is terrible! We tried it... and then bought Pottyshop Elemental for this machine!!
      It is clumsy, takes forever to do simple things... you need to be a progarmmer to operate it... and it isn't intuitive!!
      Just our opinion... we also tried Photoscape... that is much better!!

      But, Mudwalled-building are offering a subscription service to Lightroom and Photoshop combined... both sit in the "Cloud" and don't clutter your machine... but, despite that it seems good if you've got a reasonable connexion... Adobe Creative Cloud, 'tis called... and
      costs £8.57/mo but you are always using the lastest version....
      I was considering it for here... but our line is getting worse, not better!
      Now seriously considering a "line out/satellite in" subscription....
      we can't even run U-bend videos at anytime from ten in the morning until well past one AM!
      And sometimes even bloggin' in the evening seems like lead....
      you type in a line of text... be it comement or a post....
      and everything seems to hang...
      then your words come up on screen...
      Easier to type it as a text file in Notepad and c&p...
      Nice peaceful pic, btw...

    3. Yes, I tried it, but it's a little too complicated for me. I'm too old to learn new tricks and it seems it takes quite a long time to master it completely. Since my needs are very simple, I stick to my old Photoshop 5.2 on my old laptop and Elements on this one.

  2. Nice photo, happy news about Ireland, and happy tennis time for you. All is well :)

  3. I do like the 3-dimensional quality you achieved. But your photography is always so exceptional anyway!

  4. Love the photo! It looks like an Andrew Wyeth painting... only with color.


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