Sunday, May 03, 2015

River fog

One recent morning, before this current rainy spell began, I saw fog in the river valley. Normally, the fog looks like a woolen blanket pulled over the river. Smooth. Uniform. This time it was like fluffy balls of cotton rolling along on the light breeze. You can get an idea from the photo.

The fog was being blown down river, from right to left in the photo.

It's been raining almost non-stop since before Friday. It feels as though it's been forty days and forty nights already. I'm glad we live at the top of a hill. Normal drainage ditches are running torrents. The pond out back is overflowing, rushing by our back gate, finding its way down to the stream bed to our north and out into the river. I'm certain the lowlands beside the river are flooded as well, but I'm not walking down there to see just yet.


  1. Currently we are experiencing a balmy autumn but it changes from week to week. It won't get below 5 degrees except for a few days mid winter

  2. luckily at my place is sunny spring..

  3. We would love the water here.... The Guv wants to fine people who overindulge $10,000 per day.

  4. I think there is a wine region or type named for fog coming in over the vineyards, but I can't recall it. something like 'fume'

  5. leon, sounds like our summer.

    gosia, yes, lucky!

    christine, ouch!

    michael, fumé? Fumé blanc (or sauvignon blanc, as in Pouilly-Fumé) is, I read, named for the white powdery look of the grapes at maturity, and also for the "smoky" flavor of the finished wine.

  6. Yes! it is pouilly-Fume - I recpognized it when I saw the word!


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