Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cucumber trellis

Last year I built a cucumber "tree" so that the cucumbers would hang from the vine and not curl on the ground. It worked, more or less. This year, I have actual "English" cukes (thanks Carol!) that are longer and narrower than the standard kind and I want them to grow straight, without curling. Instead of rebuilding the "tree" (which was more like a teepee) I decided to use some old fencing sections to construct a kind of a trellis, up which I hope the cucumbers will climb.

Four little cucumber plants, growing roots. I will help train them up onto the fencing as they grow.

The cucumbers are still the only plants I've transferred out into the ground. The rest are still on the deck, but they've been hardened off and are ready. I hope to get them all planted out over the coming weekend. But first, our tax returns are due next week, so I've got to get that done.


    Pauline finished the tax return at 3AM this morning...
    after it had been timing out all day...
    and if not doing that, sending overload errors...
    she is now almost bald and her office needs complete redecoration...
    so, get everything laid out and ready...
    and go and plant out some plants...
    have an afternoon nap...
    then do the return when everyone else is asleep!
    And make sure that you have enough coffee to hand, too!
    Boney Chancer!

    1. tim, I did the taxes in about an hour, and had no timeout issues. It all worked like a charm. Maybe it's your connection?

  2. In Poland cucumber trees are not popular But I will try this year

  3. That's rather an impressive support structure. I'm most impressed with your construction skills!


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