Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Strawberry and rhubarb pie

We're still getting strawberries from the market on Saturdays, so I decided to make a very seasonal tarte aux fraises et à la rhubarbe (strawberry and rhubarb pie). I harvested the rhubarb from our garden a couple of weeks ago and froze it.

Rhubarb baked into the pie, topped with fresh strawberries and glazed with apricot jam.

We seem to have new neighbors. The house down the road that has been for sale for years has sold. They are there, working, although I have yet to see them. But I can hear them. Over the weekend they worked on mowing the overgrown yard. Yesterday, they banged on something all day. They obviously didn't get the memo about not making noise on a holiday.


  1. One of my favourite combinations. Yours looks superb. I wonder if the new neighbours aren't French, which might explain them not being familiar with Sunday and holiday restrictions?

  2. It looks good, I look forward to being mobile enough to visit the local farmer's markets soon.

  3. I think I remember a vacant house. I'm glad someone has moved in. We have new neighbors with two children, ages 1 and 4- it will be nice to see children enjoying our little neighborhood lake.

  4. Is this the hous my friends B. and J.L. were possibly interested in 2012? Hope the new neighbours turn out to be nice people!

  5. Wow next time I am going to arrive for this masterpiece....

  6. New neighbours can be a mixed blessing. I hope they turn out to be nice people.
    Maybe you should offer them a piece of your tart - it looks magnificent, and rhubarb with strawberry are a match made in heaven.


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