Thursday, May 21, 2015

Les asperges

Asparagus season continues. There was still plenty to be had at last week's market, and I'll see what's available on Saturday, if I go. This batch got made into another ham and asparagus tart this week. We finished it as part of Wednesday's lunch.

White asparagus must be peeled before it's cooked, otherwise it's too fibrous.

Because our April was very warm, I missed out on the "free" asparagus that grows wild among the grape vines. I saw lots of it out there, but it had all bolted very, very quickly and it's not good that way.

I'm still fumbling with Lightroom, making my way with it. I like many of the features, but find others a little cumbersome. And some photos (all raw format) look better when I process them through Photoshop. Today's asparagus is an example. I could not get the Lightroom photo to look vibrant, it came through rather dull. When I processed the same image in Photoshop, the lighting and color were easy to preserve, as you see above.


  1. Have you tried GIMP? It's interesting and it's free!

  2. Oh, boy... ham and asparagus tarte. I love it.

  3. Interesting about Lightroom. I haven't even given it a try yet and might not. My photos aren't at the level of yours to begin with, so Photoshop is probably enough for me (especially if you can't get more out of Lightroom yourself).

  4. I thought white asparagus was merely green ones not allowed to develop chlorophyll. I learned something here.

  5. chm, no, I've not heard of it. I'll check it out.

    judy, us too!

    mitch, Lr is different, yet similar to Ps. Its big difference (so far as I can tell) is the way it handles files and does batch processing. I'm thinking I'd just be fine upgrading to the latest version of Ps, but I'll have to do a little more research.

    gosia, yes!

    michael, you are right; white and green aspargus are the same, just that the white stuff is kept buried so it doesn't develop chlorophyll.


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