Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Positively cold

It's cold this morning. The outdoor thermometer reads about 6ºC (about 43ºF). The weather web site that I look at daily says we're at 4ºC (about 39ºF). Our thermometer typically reads higher in cold weather since it's mounted on the side of the house. It also normally reads cooler in hot weather for the same reason. These are not temperatures conducive to planting the vegetable garden. I think the grass has stopped growing.

Backlit grape leaves in the morning sunshine.

It felt like fall on Tuesday when I was stacking our delivery of firewood for next season. We had a few showers in the late evening and over night. Today may be the chilliest of the week, with a warming trend in the forecast. "Warm" is a relative term. The solstice is only a month away.


  1. "I think the grass has stopped growing"....
    Yes... please!!!....
    I could swear that I can hear it growing....
    above the noise of the birds and bees....

  2. The year is nearly fives twelfths over and it feels like autumn here in the UK. It has been very chilly and somrthing about the cool wind, the light and the way the pidgeons were cooing this morning could have convinced me it was late September.

  3. I told the bread lady the same thing yesterday morning when she said it felt chilly. Yes, it feels like autumn, I told her.

  4. Look good in the morning sunshine

  5. It's been very cold here for a few days, and this morning it says it's 2°! So I guess it is!

  6. 6C? Uf. That was too much to take the few times we experienced it in winter. May has been July weather here, but it's supposed to cool off back to normal, which is, thankfully, not 6!

  7. The grape leaf photo is lovely; I can feel the photosynthesis from here. :-)


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