Wednesday, May 06, 2015

New vines, new paint

Last summer, this parcel was re-planted with new grape vines. The old vines had been attacked by a fungus, so out they came. The ground lay fallow for a year and then was plowed and planted. The vines over-wintered and now they look like this. I'm not sure how long it will be before any grapes are harvested from this parcel, but probably a couple/few years.

The taller vines in the background (hard to see here) are about ten years old. I remember when they were planted and looked like these.

We had a contractor in yesterday to give us an estimate on painting the den (the very room where this wonderful blog comes to life!). It's more than just a paint job. Old (very old) wallpaper needs to be removed from around the built-in cabinetry; we could not manage it ourselves twelve years ago, so sections of the wallpaper are still up on the walls. That involves removing a large cast iron radiator (which will also be painted). Then some very significant fissures in the plaster need to be repaired on the ceiling and walls. Next, smooth paper will go onto the ceiling and walls (to strengthen the plaster and help hide future fissures) and it will all be freshly painted.

The contractor has done very good work for us before (roof and kitchen ceiling), so I'm not expecting any surprises and we will probably accept his estimate. He said he has a week available in June to do the work and that works for us. I will likely take pictures and post them here. You weren't expecting that, were you?


  1. Oooh, ooooh! I love home-improvement photos from your house projects!

  2. so he will take wallpaper off & then put some back on??? why

  3. If he's the same guy who fixed the kitchen ceiling leak, then take him!
    Melinda, it's not really paper, if it's like what we have on all our ceilings. It's more like a woven fabric that keeps things all together underneath the paint. In houses where cracks seem to form every few years from settling, it saves one from having to redo the work all the time.

  4. ça promet du bon vin royal

  5. ça promet du bon vin royal

  6. judy, stay tuned!

    melinda, ellen is correct. The ugly patterned paper will go. The new paper is meant to be painted over and serves to kind of "knit" the plaster walls together and to hide minor cracks that may develop with time.\

    ellen, he is, indeed.

    angevine, exactement !

    gosia, it is pretty!


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