Friday, June 12, 2015

Baby apples

It looks like a big year for apples, at least in our neighborhood. Hundreds of tiny apples have already fallen from the trees in our yard. The hundreds remaining are growing bigger and bigger each day. Soon, as they start to fall, I will have to pick them up before running the lawnmower. They go into the compost pile as they're too young for eating. Even when the apples still on the trees become edible later, there will be way too many to use.

This is one of our neighbors' apple trees. They have different varieties from ours.

A thunderstorm went by us to the west during the night. I saw lightning and heard distant thunder just after midnight. We got some rain, but nothing serious. I can see the tomatoes and cucumbers growing in the vegetable garden. It's time to plant some green bean seeds.


  1. Apples my favourite fruit

  2. Beautiful. And I would find a thunderstorm beautiful, too.

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