Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The naked garden

I'm growing a good crop of tomato spirals. Believe it or not, the tomato plants are there, too. They're very hard to see because they're very small. With any luck, they'll grow up to be big and strong, as long as I keep the weeds down and trim the surplus foliage. I plan to spray with bouillie bordelaise (Bordeaux mixture) in an attempt to ward off le mildiou (tomato blight).

The big green leaves are rhubarb. Callie brought back another stick from the vineyard and dropped it on the grass. Click to embiggen.

The summer and winter squash seedlings are in as well, and they look good. As usual, I'll post photos every now and then through the summer as a chronicle of the garden's progress. Today I need to get the hoses out so that I can water all the seedlings. We haven't had much rain since the beginning of May, when we got a month's worth in a couple of days.


  1. It's been estimated that Texas received 35 trillion gallons of rain in May.
    That's enough to cover the entire state (about the size of France) in
    8 inches of rainfall. We received over 10 inches at our house. No
    watering needed here.

  2. What a beautiful garden of spirals. Nice to see they've all 'reached' the same height. The expression on Callie's face is priceless.


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