Friday, June 26, 2015

We're having a heat wave

But, not a tropical heat wave. It's almost hot. Today we're expecting the high to be around 30ºC (high 80sF). Then, next week, highs in the thirties (the low 90sF) all week. That's hot for here. People are already complaining, but that's typical. It will be uncomfortable for sleeping, but the tomatoes and peppers and the other garden plants will love it. And so, I think, will the grape vines.

A view of our hamlet from the vineyards.

I took this picture on a relatively cool and cloudy morning last week. It shows very clearly the curve of the hill we sit on. On either side of our house (in the middle), streams carve little valleys down to the river. You can see the other side of big river valley in the background beyond the houses.


  1. yes, next week it is going to be very hot in Europe

  2. It was 33°C in Descartes this afternoon.
    Luckily our new chez nous is a bit more breezy than where we lived in the middle of the village and we're grateful for that . A bit of air movement certainly makes the heat more tolerable.

  3. You live in a wonderful place Walt.

  4. we have hitting 45; wish we were there.

  5. Catching up on reading, just saw the picture you took of the vineyard at ground level. Amazing, looks like a magical forest. Hope the reno is going well.

  6. Love the photo.
    Wish I was there right now...even with the warm weather. Middle of winter here of course and a top today of only 15degrees c. Brrr.
    Hope your den is progressing well. Sue

  7. gosia, we're ready!

    evelyn, thanks!

    jean, ugh! The breeze has been great. I hope it continues into next week when it's hot again.

    christine, we think so, too! :)

    michael, but you're in Michigan by now, right?

    emm, thanks! It's going very well, but I'm ready for it to be done.

    sue, our places will be switched in six months!


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