Monday, June 22, 2015


The work on the den begins on Tuesday. We're having the remaining wallpaper removed, then the walls and ceiling refinished (patching and a new surface coat of plaster), then a binding layer of paper and new paint. The radiator will also be removed (to get at the wallpaper behind it), painted, and replaced. I've had to empty the room (still finishing that up today), which meant relocating my computer to the loft upstairs. All went smoothly and when I plugged everything in this morning, it worked.

Callie approaches the artsy organized neighbor's shed and piles of stuff (out of the photo to the right).

Today I need to complete the move-out by removing the furniture (not much), the pictures on the walls, the ceiling fixture, and the rug. I also have to drain the central heating system of its water so that the radiator can be removed. There may well be photos of before, during, and after. Stay tuned.


  1. Moving stuff around for people to come in and work is hard work. Then you have to move it all back again.
    It's what we've been doing over and over again for the last sixteen months so I know how disruptive it is!
    It will be worth all the trouble and I look forward to the "before and after" photos.

  2. Wait a minute. "Artsy and organized"? That's an oxymoron if I ever heard one. But I really like your shot. The little out-building looks quite mysterious.

    1. hehehehe - Stuart I had to laugh outloud at that comment! Walt hasn't exactly portrayed it that way, has he???

      I think that out-building reminds me of a gypsy caravan...

      Mary in Oregon

  3. I look forward to the before and after photos, too!


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