Friday, June 05, 2015

Petits artichauts

There aren't enough of these to eat, so we'll probably just let them flower (as we do every year). This is one of our two remaining plants and the other one is not doing well this year.

This plant has about four or five little artichokes.

I measured 29ºC on the deck (in the shade) yesterday afternoon. That's about 84ºF. We have no humidity to speak of, so the day was exceptionally pleasant. We're expecting a warmer day today. Good for the garden!


  1. Very nice photo. Perhaps CHM has brought the warm weather with him ;-).

  2. I love those things but I confess I've never seen them on the stem. What a city-slicker. Anyway, we've got plenty of heat here in Virginia this week... unfortunately is accompanied by plenty of humidity. I forget how awful it is in the South in Summer. One thing I don't miss at all.

  3. I understand that it was 33°C in Paris today!?!?

  4. evelyn, yes! It's been nice.

    stuart, I used to live in DC, and I remember that humidity.

    judy, it was the same here as well. Much cooler today...

  5. Great picture. What happened to the rest of the artichokes? Some plants like that are tricky to keep alive.

    1. rex, the others didn't re-sprout after dying back for the winter. These last two have always come back.

  6. they are unsettling looking plants; they look like Audrey or you-know-what.


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