Thursday, June 18, 2015


A lot of growers in our area use herbicides to control weeds in their vineyard parcels. I understand that it's a controversial practice, and more and more growers opt for plowing or mowing rather than relying on chemical controls. In some of the parcels where herbicides are used early and often, the ground can be almost bare beneath the vines. In others, like this one, the grasses and other plants are killed after they've grown up a little, producing a contrast between the dead brown "weeds" and the vivid green of the growing vines.

Herbicides are sprayed low to the ground; they're absorbed through the plants' foliage.

I got our grass (and weeds) cut on Wednesday. It was a very sunny and pleasant morning and the job went quickly, just under two hours. I always feel good right after cutting the grass. It's exercise, for one thing, and it looks very nice, for another.


  1. And it smells nice, too.

  2. That's how I feel about vacuuming a rug. It's not much exercise, but I like the way it looks :)

  3. I'm fine with the weeds. Much better than herbicides in my wine. I'm glad you're enjoying the grass cutting. I guess I had way too much of it in my youth and thus do not miss it one tiny bit.


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