Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Drip drip drop

The grape vines are growing well right now. We've had a good stretch of relatively warm and dry weather, until this past weekend when it started to rain. Our lawn started to turn brown, but now it's coming back a little. The grass stopped growing, but the weeds didn't. Funny how that happens.

Raindrops collect on grape vine tendrils.

The tomatoes in the vegetable garden enjoyed the warm weather, then the rain. They're really growing. I've already had to pinch suckers and will have to start tying the plants to their supports this week. The cucumbers and squashes look good, too. The peppers and eggplants are growing, but more slowly. I should see the green beans sprout soon.


  1. I'm terrible at identifying tomato suckers and pinching them. My neighbour keeps his like a bonsai with very few leaves and only fruit. Must try harder to keep my plants trimmed this year. We're bone dry here with no rain for two weeks - funny how the jet stream has dipped south.

  2. I wouldn't take my chances pinching suckers. You're a brave man.

  3. evelyn, they must go!

    craig, the suckers show up in the joint where a leaf meets the stem. The gardeners all around us are very good at taking the leaves off the plants. I have yet to master that.

    mitch, and there's one born every minute!


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