Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The grapes are forming

The grape flowers are now nearly all gone and little grapes have taken their place. These will (hopefully) continue to grow through the summer. The bunches have already bent downward with the weight of the new fruit, looking more like what you'd expect. Right now they all look the same, but as fall approaches and the berries ripen, they will take on their colors, either dark (red) or light (white).

Brand new grape bunches on the vine.

The color is on the walls in the den. It looks like milk chocolate. Quite a change for us, but I think we like it. This morning will see the final coat of paint. Our contractor said that he would return later in the afternoon to clean up and re-install the radiators. His son helps with that. Then we're done, except for the moving back in part. More photos to follow, of course.


  1. It sounds lovely. And you should be all sorted for the weekend by the sound of it.

  2. Wine grapes outside the window and milk chocolate inside on the walls: HEAVEN ON EARTH! I grew up in my parent's home with one wall in the living room a milk chocolate with the other 3 walls a soft pink. It was nice and after many years of knowing my Mother and her taste, that must have been a real risk for her to choose such shocking colors in the 50's!. After a while she had my Dad repaint the walls a soft yellow.
    Thank you for the reminder! I haven't thought of that "statement" wall in many years! I'm thinking of chocolate right now...

    Mary in Oregon

  3. The progress of grapes is a fascinating photo journey for me
    By now can you tell by looking at them and knowing the weather whether or not they will be a good year or not?

  4. jean, yes, we hope so!

    mary, it's bold for me, too. But you gotta live dangerously once in your life, right?

    gosia, so far, so good!

    michael, I certainly can't, but I've read that the year looks good so far. Weather (rain and/or hail) can make a big difference and nobody can really predict that.


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