Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Periodic puppy pics

Here's Callie, hard at work. Most mornings during the pruning season she will find the cast-away trunk of a dead grape vine and carry it back to the house. As summer approaches there are fewer and fewer of these out there, but every once and a while she'll find one. And home it goes. We've got piles of them for burning during the winter. And they make great barbeque fuel.

Callie carries an old vine trunk back toward home.

The den work is done! Today I'll start the process of moving back in, but first I need to clean the windows and floor. The contractor cleaned up the floor, but I want to go over it again for good measure. Then I have to put the curtain rod back up. The first thing that will get moved back in is my computer.


  1. "And they make great barbeque fuel.".....
    I noticed them in one of the supermarchés...
    a small bag of vine woodchips was over 10€s...
    going on the size of the chunk that Callie is carrying...
    that's about 12€s worth...
    I did say the bag was small!!
    Keep enjoying Womble Don....
    break out the strawberries and cream...

  2. Just contributing as a good family member does.

  3. Yes, yes, Callie likes to do her part :)
    Congrats on the work being done! Those freshly-painted radiators looked good (on Ken's blog post).

  4. wow she loves wine as you!!!


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