Friday, July 24, 2015

I say to-may-to

Here are some more tomatoes. This variety is called "rainbow." Apparently, the smallish, oval shaped fruit will turn various shades of orange and yellow when they ripen. The picture on the seed packet looked pretty, but my experience has been that when multi-colors are promised, there's one dominant color with very little else. Time will tell.

They look like they're wearing little crowns.

We're expecting some rain this afternoon, but the prediction is just for scattered showers. I'll still go out and water all the vegetables this morning.


  1. The rain is going away...
    way too far to the North...
    so the watering continues.

    I upload the data from the weather station to the computer on Friday morning...
    so I took a quick look at this month last year....
    64.2mm of rain...
    so far this month... with a week to go...
    I just hope it doesn't try and equalize!!

  2. These are a nice shape - they almost look like mini peppers. I shall look forward to seeing the rainbow once they ripen.

  3. I was pleased to see that these are tomatoes and not the green staghorn beetles I expected from looking at the Blogger thumbnail. We got about 3 minutes of hard rain this afternoon. No enough to do any real good, but enough to remind me of what it was like when it used to rain here. Your watering this morning was not for naught.


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