Monday, July 06, 2015

The house in summer

Our summer heat wave is winding down, but it's still warm enough to keep the house opened up. All doors and windows are open to let air flow through. When it gets extremely hot, we can close all the windows and shutters and keep the inside temperature a couple of degrees cooler than outside, but in normal warm weather we like to feel the air flowing through.

The back (west) side of the house. The wisteria is getting a second round of flowers.

School vacations are officially under way now. We have not seen much sign of that here. Our neighborhood is quiet for the time being. The usual summer neighbors have not yet arrived, as far as we can tell. We're still working on arranging the den and tending the vegetable garden.


  1. How are those hydrangea cuttings doing now that the weather
    is cooperating?

  2. And watching some tennis?

  3. your garden looks well-kept

  4. We are lucky with a house with thick stone walls. Inside is at least 10C lower than outside. Shutters are closed but with windows open. We have glass double glazed doors back and front so there is plenty of light with the velux as well. We are though watering every night at the moment, oh for a well or a borehole! Hope all is well Diane

  5. Lovely, always :) And, yes, how are the hydrangeas doing? Mine are doing great this year :) Hardly any blooms this year, lots of pretty pale pink ones this year.

  6. This picture just makes me smile and sigh, contentedly.

  7. sheila, they're good. I'll take a photo of them soon.

    evelyn, but of course!

    gosia, thanks. It's been dry, so the weeds have not proliferated.

    diane, ours isn't very well insulated being a 1960s house. But it's comfortable most of the time.

    judy, ours have big blooms this year; don't know why. Photos to come.

    christine, :)


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