Sunday, July 05, 2015

Summer time

We've had a few thunderstorms over the past twenty-four hours. The first round went by us to the northwest on Saturday mid-morning, with a second round to the east of us quickly after. Then, around four-thirty this morning, the lightning and thunder started up again. And, once again, the storm just skirted us. We did get some rain both times, but not much.

These wild chicory flowers were mowed down in the prime of their life on Friday.

The town came by on Friday and mowed the shoulders of the dirt road that runs out through the vineyards behind our house. A lot of the tall grasses are gone now. And so are many of the wild chicory plants.


  1. Ha! I guess you and Ken realize you have twin(-ish) posts today :)

  2. Summers used to feel endless; this photo has a redolence of that emotion.

  3. Timoves the chicory flowers. They are like bits of blue sky spread across the green branches. I suppose the municipal workers had a chitty that said "Mow the vineyard road verges today." I've noticed in some places - Chambon, for example - that the workers carefully mow around a special plant, such as a particularly fine lizard orchid. Not in your village, though, alas. The chicory will survive to fight another summer - it has roots like its cousin, the dandelion. Pauline

  4. judy, I know. We never plan it, but sometimes it just happens that way.

    michael, I agree.

    pauline, there's plenty around, so I'm not worried. There just seemed to be a lot more this year than in previous years; it was pretty.


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