Thursday, July 02, 2015

The den is done!

The repainting of the den got finished on Tuesday evening when the contractor and his son reinstalled the radiator. Ken and I spent Wednesday morning washing the windows and the floor, and wiping down the cabinets. Then I moved my computer, printer, and scanner back in.

The milk chocolate walls make the cabinetry really pop out. The color is actually called "ours brun"  or "brown bear."

There is still much to do. I have to get the carpet back in (after some thorough vacuuming), and move one of our cabinets in. The single bed that was in this room won't be back. It seldom got used, so there's no point in keeping it there. We will store it in the garage and have it available if we ever need it. The cabinet that will take its place is filled with kitchen stuff. It's currently downstairs in the entry, so every time we need something from it, we have to go downstairs to get it. Now, it will be in the den and access will be much easier

Another view with the computer stuff all set up.

Then, of course, I have to get the curtain rod up and, once the furniture is in place, pictures on the walls. I don't really want to drill holes in the freshly redone walls, but they can't stay pristine forever. Finally, I have to get the new light fixture that I found for the ceiling. There's no rush for that, but we'll probably make an Ikea run sometime in the next few weeks.


  1. I like the colour very much. People are sometimes not brave enough to go for deep colours but I think that in the right room (such as yours) they work really well. Nice contrast with the light cabinets.

  2. It looks great!
    I have to admit it is definitely better than the old wallpaper.

  3. The hassle was definitely worth it!

  4. I like the look. Well worth the effort.

  5. Such a rich color -- looks great! So fresh and clean -- you two must love it.

  6. Such a relief when a job like that gets done and you can settle down again.

  7. That color works so well with all of the white cabinets and the radiator. Very easy color to live with, I am forecasting!
    Yes, I agree, Walt: Time TO BE BOLD!!!

    Mary in Oregon

  8. Love the colour Walt. Looks great! Sue

  9. craig, I struggled with my color choice right up to the end, but I kept telling myself that I should have the courage of my convictions. Even when the paint went on, I was worried that it was too dark. But now I love it and am glad I stuck with it.

    jean, you can say that again!

    gosia, thank you!

    evelyn, indeed.

    gaynor, thanks!

    christine, :)

    judy, we've lived with the half-done room for 12 years. It feels good to have it complete.

    autolycus, that's for sure!

    mary, the room needed freshening up, but it got a bit more!

    sue, thanks!

  10. The walls look great! Try finding (or ordering) these hooks:
    We've brought them over from the States in the past and they're great. I think ours are the 3M brand. I've never found them in France -- although the same concept in towel hooks does exist and we've used those, too.

    1. ellen, thanks! We actually have some of those from a previous trip to the US. Not enough, but some. ;)


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