Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The vegetable garden is starting to produce. We've already eaten a couple of cucumbers and on Monday we grilled the first zucchini. I'm hopeful for a good harvest this year, even though it's been very, very dry for the last ten weeks. I spend about twenty minutes watering every morning, filling a watering can and giving each plant a drink. I could use the sprinkler, but then I'd be watering the weeds as well as the plants. That, and the leaves would get all wet and that's when you have to worry about fungus/blight.

Zucchini blossoms are edible (battered and deep-fried), but I don't go to all that trouble.

I don't know if watering by hand reduces the chances of blight, but it can't hurt. It also gives me a chance to pinch off suckers and adjust the ties on the growing tomato plants. The few weeds that do come up are easy to see and get rid of. The first row of green beans is starting to blossom, so I'm hopeful that we'll have beans in the next couple of weeks.


  1. We've eaten our first beans...
    runner beans...
    in the right conditions runner beans create a tuber and become perennial...
    our "Moonlight" have done just that for the last two years...
    so they start earlier and have now reached the top of the frame!
    But down at the bottom, in the tangle of growth, we have beans...
    but runner beans require watering up and down the plant to set fruit...
    so you need the hose on a mister setting to do that...
    or a pump sprayer full of clean water.

    Our courgettes have only just gone in the ground...
    so it will be a while yet for chocolate courgette cake!!

    But over-winterers and salads are doing fine...


  2. i don't know that zuchini blosoms are edible

  3. After that nasty bought with blight last year, I know you're worried about being sure to take extra measures to avoid it. Here's to a great crop!

  4. That zucchini blossom is so yummy-looking! Without any chemicals, they are okay to eat!

    Mary in Oregon

  5. I remember growing 'zukes' - they were prolific and grew faster than weeds. I'd turn my back and they would advance a foot.


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