Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer daze

We're having a real summer. So far. The days are sunny, warm, and dry. The afternoons are actually hot, even if the mornings are a little chilly. One day it will start raining again, but we're enjoying this nice stretch of nearly perfect weather.

Our house seen from the neighbors' property on a sunny summer afternoon.

Our neighbors across the road showed up on Saturday. They usually move in for the summer at the start of school vacations, which was last weekend, but we didn't see them until yesterday. They've both been having some health issues, so we're hopeful that things are going better for them. Ken and I often walk Callie across their property when they're not there. We like to keep an eye on things in the neighborhood.


  1. It looks very idyllic. And so well taken care of. Bravo.

  2. A lovely home.......At our cottage at Lake Chautauqua we are always grateful for our next door neighbors who live their year around and keep and eye on the neighborhood. I'm sure your neighbors must be happy that you and Ken are doing that in your neighborhood.

  3. I do so enjoy photos of your home, inside or out :)

  4. perfect location for house among trees

  5. Hate to say it, but that grass suggests some rain might be welcome (as it would be here in London, where every blade of grass is looking a very parched brown).

  6. stuart, I'm not sure how idyllic it is... but we enjoy it.

    kristi, I know I would feel better about it.

    judy, be glad I'm not showing you the garage! Cleaning it out is on "the list."

    gosia, especially in summer!

    autolycus, it hasn't really rained in ten weeks. On the plus side, I don't have to cut the grass very often.

    michael, :)


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