Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer rolls on

Only one month in, but it feels like it's been summer forever. It's hard to remember bundling up against the cold, building fires, and temperatures near freezing. I'm sure we'll be reminded soon enough, but for now we're enjoying what passes for sultry summertime in these parts.

The summer vineyard.

Vegetable garden maintenance continues. I'm planning on cutting the "grass" today. It's mostly weeds and wild flowers, but it needs to be cut. But first, I have fallen apples to pick up off the ground.


  1. Yes the first apples are ready to eat.

  2. I wonder what it will be like when, in the future, I will be able to think of summer as a season that continues into September, instead of starting, in mid-July, to feel like it's about over LOL (because I have to go back to work before you know it).

  3. That vineyard doesn't look like it's suffering too much from the heat and dryness.


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