Tuesday, July 07, 2015


Last week, during the height of our heat episode, the guys in the vineyard completed installing the stakes and wires in the new vineyard parcel. They were getting out there very early in the morning to beat the heat. Now it looks like the job is done.

New, long-lasting metal stakes and support wires in the new vineyard parcel.

The new parcel is planted with sauvignon blanc. I asked one of the guys about it and he gave me a quick lesson on how to tell the varietals apart by looking at their leaves. I'm not sure I could pass a test, but I have a better idea now of the differences between sauvignon, côt, and gamay, three of the varietals that are planted out back. There is also some cabernet out there somewhere, but I'm not sure where. Not to mention the small parcels of pineau d'aunis and grolleau. I have a long way to go.


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  2. Hey, that's a cool thing to know, for someone who traipses through vineyards with a dog so frequently :) Perhaps you'll even develop a taste for wine, eh? ;)

  3. Well those supports look like they will last a few years! I didn't know about different leaves - interesting.

  4. Test next week? Let's see some slides on those leaf differences (!) just kidding...

    Mary in Oregon


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