Thursday, July 09, 2015

Periodic puppy pics

I haven't taken many pictures lately. I've been working on putting the den back together, watching tennis, watering the garden, etc. And it's been hot (but it's cooled down now). This one is from a few days ago. Callie and I were playing with her tennis ball. In case you don't know, "playing" means that I throw the ball, she chases it and then sits down with it. End of game.

Callie sits with her tennis ball. Come and get it.

The next time I walk by where she's sitting, she'll look at me with that look. It's the look that means "I want you to throw the ball." So I go and fetch the ball and throw it again. She chases it and then sits down with it. End of game. This will happen four or five times over the course of an hour or two while I putter around in the yard. At least it's not strenuous.


  1. your dog loves playing so must play with her!!

  2. She's got you well trained! Some dogs are fetchers and some aren't. (She's looking good, by the way!)

  3. Ha! Cute Callie with her tennis ball :)

  4. Why should she bring back the ball? She's already carrying all this branches - of her choice - home. Good dog!

  5. une bonne chien! she has daddy wrapped around her paw!


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