Friday, July 10, 2015

Through the woods

From spring through mid-summer, the path that Callie and I like to take down through the woods into the river valley is closed. An electrified fence blocks it off; the fence helps to keep hungry deer out of the adjacent vineyard parcel. Otherwise, the deer would nibble on the new shoots, flowers, and tiny grapes. So, we find other paths to take around the vines.

Looking back up the path from the road.

This little path is not closed off and it connects a vineyard parcel with our road as it climbs up from the valley. It's a very short path, but it's a nice cool spot on a warm afternoon and Callie loves most paths through the woods. It won't be long before the electrified fence is opened up and we'll be able to head down the hill again.


  1. geeeeze, it feels like the medieval forest from this view :)

  2. judy, sometimes it feels like that in person...


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