Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I got the lawn mowed on Tuesday. There was a lot of mowin' goin' on in the neighborhood, in fact. Our neighbor across the road was also mowing, as was the grape grower out back -- he was on a tractor pulling a large mowing attachment behind him, cutting down the tall grasses that surround his parcels. He also did a small patch of four-foot high brush behind our fence, for which I am grateful.

Lots of apples on the trees this year.

You can see in the photo just how brown the "grass" is. It's a little greener in the shadows of the trees, but out in full sun it's just burned to a crisp. We haven't had any rain to speak of in nearly three months. The trees are okay as their roots go deep, but most surface dwellers are thirsty. I water the vegetable garden every day. If I didn't, we'd have a lot of sun-dried tomatoes.


  1. Surely, Walt...
    that should be sun-dried tomato plants....
    there ain't any red fruit on them yet!

    It is getting a bit back breaking with all the watering, though...
    it gets in the way of sitting out and enjoying it!!

  2. Wow, that really is brown! After all that incessant rain that you had during winter and spring, and now, nothing for summer :(

  3. tim, true.

    evelyn, oh, I'm sure it will all be green again once the rains come back.

    judy, I know! Some years are like that.


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