Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Our little fig tree has a few figs on it right now. We never get figs. They usually disappear before they ripen. I don't know if they're falling off or being eaten by something.

I wonder how long they'll last before they disappear?


  1. They look so perfect which must make it doubly frustrating
    to have them disappear. You need webcam out there to
    solve the mystery.

  2. the tree looks interesting I have never sen before

  3. When they ripen, serve with sliced proscuitto, a great alternative to melon! And be sure to wrap your tree in burlap bags or something like that to weather the cold. My grandparents had fig trees which my parents took, and then when my parents passed away, my sister had them dug up and planted in her yard. They have survived the moves and continue to bear fruit. Try wrapping in the fall.

  4. We too are still awaitiing our first fully grown fig on our little tree. I think the tree has just been too young - we have high hopes for this year. We survive thanks to friends who are giving them away by the bushel.

  5. That's a mystery Walt. Because birds usually peck holes in all of the bloody things and you find damaged fruit left on the tree. What do squirrels eat apart from nuts? It's either something quite large that eats the whole fig or something smaller that takes them away. If you were in Australia I'd say it was either bunyips or drop bears but in France I've no idea. Sue


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