Sunday, June 14, 2015

Just standing there

I walked past this spider on the road the other morning. Then I thought, hey, I should take its picture. I turned around and went back a few steps and there it was, still standing in the same spot. I took the photo and the spider did not move. He may still be standing out there.

Wait... this guy has only seven legs. And one of them is really long!

Rain moved in last evening and it's overcast this morning. We did not get a lot of rain, but it's humid. For here. People in many places in the US (Washington, DC, and the state of Florida come to mind) where humidity is common would probably roll their eyes. We don't get that drenching, suffocating kind of humidity, even when it's raining.


  1. It is a Harvestman...
    and it has lost the other very long one...
    I've seen them on the house wall here...
    Susan will know the name!!


  2. It is an insect then, with a long thing at the front? No, I just read the first comment. Google harvestman and they are not a spider but are still an arachnid. Nocturnal too, so maybe it is dead.

  3. River towns like Louisville, KY where I grew up were miserable in the summer time before air conditioning. The harvestman is a cutie.

  4. Walt,
    It's humid here (Delaware, east of Washington D.C) and has been for a week. Delaware is on a peninsula between two bodies of water (Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay) so that's why we get the humidity just like Florida which is also a peninsula. I don't like it but there is a lot that I do like about Delaware so I persevere. That's a Daddy-Long-Legs spider in the road by the way. "Daddy-Long-Legs" was one of my many nicknames in high school.

  5. Humidity. Ugh. Our years in Washington D.C. come to mind. Are you sure that spider wasn't simply some beautifully executed pavement painting?

  6. My first impulse would be to stomp, but it is out of doors, not inside.

  7. tim, thanks. I think I'd heard that before, but didn't remember at all.

    andrew, hmmm, I wonder?

    evelyn, I'm sure. Even up where I'm from, the summers can be stifling.

    judy, lions and spiders and bears...

    ron, I lived in DC in the early '80s, so I know very well how yucky it can be!

    mitch, and we were there at the same time! And I'm not sure... can you paint on sand?

    michael, I try to steer around the little critters. I even herd flies out the windows rather than squash them. But not always.


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