Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Getting antsy

I see the evidence of their industry all around the vineyard and in the dirt road out back. There must be a billion ants out there, maybe more. I read one article that speculates that there are 100 trillion of them in the world, equaling the weight of the entire human population. Heavy!

If you look closely in the center of the photo (click on it to enlarge), you can see a number of ants around one of the entrances to their colony.

There's a change in the weather coming today that should bring us some rain later on. It's amazing how dry everything is right now. There's no talk of drought, though. We're just in a little dry spell. For the time being.


  1. There are just TOOOOO many ants...
    especially that little Meadow Ant that thinks it is a termite and builds huge, hard mounds out in our meadow!
    And not enough Green Woodpeckers... but they do try hard to control the population.

    And they got the arrival of the rain wrong for here... between 14.00 and 17.00 they forecast 0.6mm...
    we've already had 5.4mm!!
    But, the garden was crying out for it....


  2. Ants are active when rain looms

  3. Outside the house, they're fascinating creatures. Inside the house, they're pests.

  4. Some welcome rain here also....

  5. tim, we only got 3mm for the whole day!

    leon, and when it's not.

    chris, agreed.

    christine, good! I know you need it.


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