Sunday, November 08, 2015

A parking ticket from Mother Nature

That's the first thing I thought when I saw this on Friday, although I'm not sure what the offense was. I got the camera out, of course. I still have not raked the leaves that fell on the driveway because they're too wet, but I did rake a bunch out on the back walkway. They fell from out of the linden tree. The walkway gets more sun during the course of the day, so they were dry. Now they're all piled up in the vegetable garden. We had a high temperature of 22.3ºC (72ºF) on the deck Saturday. Tee-shirt weather!

Now that's a personalized license plate!

I also got the garden hoses rolled up and put away for the winter. Well, the two that run along the walkway to the vegetable garden. I won't be needing those any more this year. Two other hoses will stay out for a while, if not all winter. One hangs outside the back door and the other hangs near the garage. They come in handy for rinsing planting pots and the car. They're not likely to freeze up against the house unless it gets very cold. Then it's a quick job to bring them in.


  1. In Poland some people also have personalised license plate but here it is expensive

  2. I don't think that THEY have seen personalised plates as a Euro generating opportunity....yet.
    I still miss the Departement number being a promenent part of a plate.

  3. Gosia, Walt is playing with us. He just photo shopped the names on the car's license plate to entertain us. Thanks for the chuckle, Walt.

  4. I'm guessing this is Mother Nature's way of issuing tickets for burning carbon fuels. (Not to lay any guilt trips on you or anything.)

  5. that's not your real license plate I think?

  6. gosia, I haven't seen any in France, either.

    potty, our older car has the old-style plate with the department number. The newer one doesn't.

    evelyn, right!

    stuart, LOL!

    michael, nope. A Photoshop job. :)

  7. That's a really nice autumn pic Walt. 38c here today in Melbourne with a cool change tomorrow of 17c but that's Melbourne. 4 seasons in one day (Crowded House and Vivaldi had a lot in common)

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  9. If you were living here in Oregon (USA) you could choose the Wine Country plate and then personalize it with your names as well! That really would be perfect for you!

    Mary in Oregon


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