Sunday, November 22, 2015

The red cat

I checked back through the blog and saw that 2011 was the first time we had Beaujolais nouveau from Le Chat Rouge. The next time I mentioned it was 2013. Now, after another two years, we have it again. I see that they've changed their logo (look here to see what it looked like two years ago). We've had three bottles of nouveau so far this year. If I hadn't known that it was "new wine," I wouldn't have guessed it. It tastes just like normal gamay.

I like the little paw prints on the cork (which is not cork, but a plastic closure).

Our outdoor thermometer shows 1ºC (about 33ºF) this morning at 7:00. That's our coldest low so far this season and the coldest since early March. Fall is transitioning into winter.


  1. We attended a Beaujolais nouveau event on Thursday (not something we would normally bother with, but Pauline was singing). We were amazed at how good the new Beaujolais is and I don't suppose we were drinking anything special. It must be the result of the long hot summer.

  2. Corks, plastic or or natural are rare here now. Perhaps only to be found on the expensive bottles but as we don't drink them, I don't know. The plastic corks are cute though.

  3. I'm glad to hear it was good. The times I have had Beaujolais nouveau in the past, I was quite disappointed. Maybe I just didn't have enough of it. It's cold over here too. We pulled the lemon tree (in a big pot) inside a shelter just in case.

  4. If the same label is used next year with a reversal of the colors, Bertie, a black cat would be the star. I love the label design!

  5. Nice-looking bottle :) Glad you've been enjoying your Beaujolais Nouveau this year. Heat some up with some sticks of cinnamon for Ken to sip while he has this nasty cold, eh?

  6. The worst headache I ever had was after a few glasses of nouveau. It's rather put me off ever since. Nice label though!

  7. At our French Club this week the topic was wines. I told how you use big jugs for wine.

    When you redid your den it inspired us to redo our kitchen, then our den, then a closet just for good measure. After that new carpets. It all begins demain. So I am sitiing among boxes and dust.

    Some of your lunch yesterday and wine from today's blog would be great right now....

  8. The NB madness has hit Phoenix; we picked up two bottles (as is our wont) and will have them this week.

  9. susan, I think you may be right. It's a very different wine this year.

    andrew, screw tops are not common in France, at least not yet. But plastic corks are very popular for every-day type wines. I enjoy the ritual of removing the cork, along with the tools for doing so. Old habits die hard!

    stuart, well, I don't think that the new wines are ever expected to be very "good," seeing as they're not really ready yet. It's just a preview, and for me, another way to mark time. And another excuse to have some wine.

    evelyn, then they'd have to call it Le Chat Noir! LOL

    judy, even sick, I don't think he'd touch that. He does not like mulled wine. He does not like it in a box, he does not like it with a fox.

    jean, interesting. Wines have different effects on different people!

    christine, wow, that's a lot of work to have done at once! Bon courage!

    michael, I've come to think of them as Thanksgiving wines. Enjoy!

    anne marie, you can say that again!

  10. I forgot the windows, too. I hope we do not go crazy...


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