Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Sunday rose

One of our rose bushes is covered in flowers right now. It has no leaves, they've all fallen. But the flowers are pretty.

A soft focus for a pink rose.

I managed to finish cutting the grass on Saturday afternoon. It took about an hour and it felt good to be outside in the moderately brisk fall afternoon. Most of the leaves are down, so they got mulched up by the mower. That means I won't have to rake or otherwise gather leaves from the lawn. I think that will be the last cut of the season.


  1. Mowing the lawn is one of those "keep calm and carry on" routines. And how reassuring
    that your roses are carrying on too.

  2. It is a lovely photo indeed.

  3. Seeing that rose is better than the sermon I heard in church today. Hoping that Ken gets home safely tomorrow, well actually Tuesday I assume.

  4. I love that photo, Walt! The rose really pops and the bokeh is beautiful as well! Lovely!

  5. pretty rose and frosted grapes (side pix)! spouse will mulch the leaves with the lawn mower next weekend; by then they should all be down.

  6. gosia, thanks!

    sheila, yes, and part of my exercise routine!

    ron, merci !

    michael, no rubbish!

    stuart, I enhanced the glow a bit with Lightroom.

    evelyn, it looks hopeful, doesn't it?

    elgee, thank you!

    anne marie, it's nice when it's all done. But then, winter comes. ;)

  7. Walt, thanks for this lovely photo....


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