Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday macros

Another spider's web, this time in black and white. The spiders must all have been out shopping or something when I took this. I didn't see any spiders in any of their webs that morning.

The web is visible thanks to what probably amounts to thousands of tiny dew droplets.

I brought in the winter squash yesterday. I counted two potimarrons (we've already eaten two others), four butternut, and fifteen acorn squash. I see many squash dishes, sweet and savory, in our immediate future.


  1. Congratulations for growing all those squash- you will be enjoying them this winter. I'm happy for Britain's win in the Davis, maybe Andy Murray will be knighted if he hasn't been already ;-)

  2. did you come across it in november?

  3. evelyn, thanks, I love acorn squash, so I'm happy. And about Andy, too!

    gosia, yes. :)

  4. Great timing (vis a vis my recent squash blog post). You brought in two calabazas, four calabazas, and fifteen calabazas! Beautiful photo (of course). We stood one night for an hour watching an orb weaver create one of these masterpieces. Just amazing.

  5. mitch, I certainly enjoyed your calabazas post. An inspiration! I would never have the patience to watch an orb spider do his/her thing, in real time, anyway.

  6. Beautiful photo Walt (catching up after a few days with The Remodel....).


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