Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pumpkin pie

I made pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dessert. I didn't dress it up with whipped cream, although that would certainly be good. My standard pie filling does not come out of a can, but is home-made with pumpkin that I grow and roast myself. This year's pumpkin is actually a potimarron or red kuri squash. Its flesh is firm with a pronounced chestnut flavor, and it's not quite as sweet as a standard pie pumpkin.

A slice of pumpkin pie.

When I make the filling, I use a traditional recipe but I cut down on the amount of sugar and spices. This lets the flavor of the squash come through. There is still plenty of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamon, and clove, along with some fresh lemon zest, whole eggs and cream. I think it's very tasty.


  1. We use the same ingredients...
    not for pumpkin pie...
    we use them for...
    Spiced Pumpkin Icecream!!

  2. That looks and sounds delicious!

  3. loooks nice I did it last year

  4. tim, that sounds, um, interesting...

    jean, it was pretty good, if I do say so myself!

    chris, :)

    stuart, as soon as I can code it, I can send it. ;)

    gosia, and what about this year?

  5. Yumm! One of my very favorites! I've never had it with freshly-roasted pumpkin or squash, but I love it with the canned mixture. I never like restaurant or store pumpkin pies (I think they must add flour or cornstarch to the mix??). But, regular, home made pumpkin pie is fabulous.

  6. That looks beautiful and the description sounds delicious. No pumpkin pie for us this year (or last, come to think of it). And I'm sure I've never had anything good as what you made.

  7. judy, you haven't lived! Just kidding... Canned pumpkin is very good, as long as that's what it is and not some ultra-sweetened and pre-spiced stuff. It's better to add your own sweetness and spice, to your liking.

    mitch, don't they grow pumpkins in the Dakotas?

    1. They DO grow pumpkins in "the" Dakotas (at least in South Dakota... I've never been to North Dakota). But we were here in Spain and nobody made a pie.


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