Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Let's hang on

Or "tender tendrils?" I couldn't decide. The brown one has clearly wrapped itself around the green one. Different stokes for different folks (and scooby dooby dooby). Now I've got Frankie Valli and Sly and the Family Stone in my head.

Can you see all the little spiders' webs strung between the tendrils?

Ken's plane landed a little early on Tuesday morning and he made his train with no difficulty. Except that there was an incident in a station the train had to pass through that slowed them down, so he ended up a half-hour late. But that wasn't a problem. Callie was all excited when she saw him. I'm sure she had given up on him. Bertie was, like, "Oh, it's you," and yawned.


  1. I just imagine seeing Callie and her wagging tail, all excited to see Ken back :-)

  2. What an interesting shot. Glad to hear Ken made it home unscathed.

  3. Another exceptional photo!

    We got to live together, Sherry baby!

  4. the tendrils of plants/vines is most fascinating. I used to grow cucumbers; I was fascinated to see their tendrils wrap around the wire fence trellis.

  5. evelyn, of course, I was just translating. ;)

    t.b., yup!

    stuart, thanks.

    mitch, lol!

    michael, I enjoy watching the cukes, too. And I'm hoping to grow some peas next spring. Talk about tendrils!

  6. glad ken made it home ok. and ain't that just like a cat!

  7. Your photo also reminded me of curly fries...must be past my lunchtime (although fries are NOT on my menus any longer!).

    Bertie will undoubtedly welcome Ken back when he's ready!

    Mary in Oregon


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