Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The heat is on

We're waiting this morning for the guys to arrive with the new boiler. If they arrive; we haven't heard from them at all since they scheduled the appointment. I don't know if we're supposed to be using the heat this morning or not. They didn't say and I didn't think to ask two weeks ago. The system will have to be emptied of water (which will be hot) before they can remove the old boiler. Lots of questions, as yet no answers.

I took this photo almost three weeks ago. There are many fewer leaves on the trees now.

Callie had a good vet visit yesterday, although the joint was jumpin'. Lots of people, lots of animules, but Callie was well behaved. She got her shots and some medicine for fleas. There's a variety of flea that seems to be resistant to the Frontline we give her every month. They have taken up residence in her fur. Ick. So she'll be rid of them in a day or two. Already this morning she's hardly scratching, so they're dying off. Good riddance!

UPDATE: They arrived. The old boiler is off-line and dismantled already.


  1. Love the picture...
    nice and Autumnally bright.

    Good luck today with the heater...
    you did ask which year?

  2. "Country roads, take me home to the place I belong,.." What a wonderful shot.

  3. Wonderful shot indeed. Makes me want to step through the screen and go for a stroll.

  4. Our granddog Rosie got some of that new medicine also. Those fleas get around! Worse still for people with children if the fact that head lice are now resistant to kwell, a shampoo that once worked. ZUT alors! A mouse yesterday, talk of fleas and lice!

  5. what kind of flea meds did u get cause my daughter in Biarritz is fighting the fleas on her pets & cant get rid of the things...frontline failed

    1. melinda, it's called NexGard, afoxolaner, if that helps. I don't think it's the same stuff we were given last time (that stuff worked almost instantly), but I'm not at all sure.

  6. Love that shot - the colours are like some neo-impressionists' paintings

  7. So glad the boiler people showed up. I'd be stewing about that! And glad Callie is doing well. Hope the fleas having invaded the house.

  8. tim, they showed up on time!

    stuart, a fan of Johnny D?

    sheila, be sure to take your coat and scarf!

    evelyn, rodents and parasites! Yuck.

    t.b., merci !

    mitch, so far, so good. :)


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