Saturday, November 14, 2015

We interrupt this program...

I didn't learn about the terrorist attacks in Paris until I woke up this morning and turned the computer on. I didn't have the television on at all Friday night, as I was reading until bed time. All is fine here, we're three hours from Paris. Ken is still in the US.

It's a very terrifying and sad set of events. I'm hoping that those we know in Paris are safe and well.


  1. We have had rolling coverage here all day since about 9am. It is so awful, I cannot watch or listen anymore and will just watch the normal evening news which will be quite enough. Brisbane's Story Bridge, the Sydney Opera House and Melbourne's Arts Centre spire will all be lit in the colours of the French flag this evening.

  2. Like you I'd gone to bed before it happened. Simon woke me to tell me what was unfolding. It's very frightening and bewildering, how some people can kill like this. I can't help feeling we must identify the root causes and work on solving the problems peacefully. There must be some way to reach these people that doesn't involve reciprocal and escalating explosions.

  3. It is almost 8am here and I just heard. How absolutely awful. I shall be driving down from the Isle of Wight to Devon today and am feeling so very sad for Paris and all its horrified people.

  4. Very glad to read on Ken's blog that chm is OK and in the States....
    our friend Joan, from Leeds, is here for a few days...
    but her hubby is in Paris with a group of photography students...
    we learnt just after midnight that they are all alright!
    It was very worrying for Joan, until she eventually got a reponse from Tim!!
    Our thought here are with all those caught up in it...
    all the parents and siblings of those killed...
    it is horrifying to think that the majority of those killed and injured...
    will have been young people with a future!
    And I can't help but feel sad for the gunmen themselves...
    people who either were convinced or brainwashed into committing such an act...
    that resulted in them losing their lives, too!
    I agree with Susan... surely there is some way!!
    But that would probably upset all the xenophobes, arms companies and warmongers...
    and we mustn't upset those lobbies, now...
    must we!!
    It is about time the Untied Nations acted instead of talked!

  5. Deepest condolences for all those affected by these sickening, mad acts, Walt - dead and wounded. Our thoughts are with Paris - once again!

  6. Why Paris? Where next? Anywhere that innocent unarmed people will be an easy target in large numbers, to prove a point.
    It's hard to see how anyone can reach out to these fanatical religious groups. There has always been evil, but now they have the internet, sophisticated weapons and easy global travel.
    My heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims.

    1. Jean,

      Sorry to be political but watch what is happening in Syria and Iraq and the call for regime change in sovereign countries.

  7. Evelyn told me that Amy and her children, who live very close to the Bataclan, are okay.

  8. Similar story here. It's probably good we didn't know about it until this morning. Otherwise we would have been up all night. As far as we know, all of our Paris friends are OK.

  9. My father's mother was born in France, raised in Paris, and received the Legion d'Honnerur in the U.S. in 1936 for educational and social services to the French immigrant community in NYC and for fostering French language and cultural studies as an educator. I was sickened by news of the attack. The actions of the terrorists were vile. A good friend and colleague from the opera scene in Boston (Fritz and I wrote roles for him in two operas for which we wrote the librettos) and his husband were in Paris but are safe and were able to board a flight home today. Support here for France is strong, and I hope there will be serious consequences for anyone involved in the attack. Vive la France!

  10. Last night was unbearable for me. I started out with a headache (never get them) and then it got worse. Thank goodness my french friends do not live in the city proper and that they are safe - including you, Ken and CHM (blog - friends !). Our world is becoming a place I've never known before and I do not like it.

    Mary in Oregon

  11. What happened in Paris can happen anywhere. Let's hope this tragedy brings us together rather than tear us apart. My thoughts are with the victims, their families and all of Paris. Je suis Paris.

  12. I did think of you two, although I knew you were no where near Paris. I hope you will keep us up to date with the mentality and aftermath of France; what we get from the media I don't quite trust.


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