Sunday, November 01, 2015

Winter wheat

A few weeks ago a tractor plowed up the field down below our hill and the farmer planted his crop of winter wheat. Now it has begun to sprout. The plants will stay fairly small through the winter, but in spring they will grow tall and make seed heads.

A field of wheat.

One of our neighbors had a party last night. I heard the boom-boom of their music as late (early?) as three this morning. We heard people talking outside the house through the night, and car doors closing with bizarre regularity (but I didn't hear any cars start up or drive by). They didn't make enough noise to bother us, mostly because it's not warm enough for them to be outdoors partying. But we certainly knew they were there (and still are at 6:30 this morning).


  1. Quite some party in deep rural France. Will you be hosting a similar bash in the near future?

  2. winter wheat is popular in Poland, too

  3. andrew, oh, there are lots of party animals around the rural places of the world.

    judy, there were about 8 cars (party guests) parked in our road, but they didn't move all night. Still, I kept hearing car doors shutting!

    gosia, it's a very popular crop!


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