Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Albany on the Hudson

This is my home town on a bright, sunny day. I saw a version of this shot on a local television news station along with the station's logo and other stuff on the screen. So I wondered where they took it and started looking at a map. The next day, I drove across the river and found a boat launch and dock down on the water and figured that was the place.

Albany's modest, but impressive, downtown skyline, looking south from the eastern bank of the Hudson River.

There was a guy sitting in a lawn chair on the dock fishing. A couple were loading a small boat with their fishing gear. A cabin cruiser chugged by, going up river. It was a very peaceful scene and I took a bunch of pictures, without the boat.

A closer look. The black bridge is a railroad drawbridge. The state capitol building is the one with the pointed red roofs.

Gird yourself for a long string of photos from New York, mostly in and around this town.


  1. Your photos of Albany are always interesting.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing Albany again! I have many good memories of my one and only visit there.

  3. when I think of albany, I think of sassybear and jeffrey. and of franklin roosevelt.

  4. chm, stay tuned!

    evelyn, I went back to some of the same places. You'll recognize them.

    judy, make some popcorn... ;)

    anne marie, I got to see them while I was there! Well, except for Mr. Roosevelt.

  5. I visited it back in the early 70s.

    1. michael, back then, the modern plaza was a huge construction site and downtown was a mess. It must have made a great impression!


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