Saturday, July 09, 2016

Street scene

I liked the way the steeple of the church stands out against the new development behind. From what I can tell, the church (I don't know its name), or at least its steeple, was renovated as part of the larger construction project.

A luxury SUV on cobblestone streets.

I planted the third row of green beans on Friday. The garden is now complete. It's now just a matter of keeping it watered, weeded, and tended for the next month or so. Then, harvest! I hope.


  1. Exceptional photo!!! Best of luck with the green beans.

  2. Cool photo :)
    Enjoy your sports today, you and Callie and Bertie :)

  3. what type of green beans?

  4. Now if the Canuck can beat the Scotsman tomorrow , it will be great

  5. No, no, no! This household wants the Scotsman to beat the Canuck. Sorry, The Beaver.

    That's a gorgeous picture! Traveling through several layers of time in Montréal.

  6. Cross my fingers for your harvest, Walt!

  7. mitch, thanks. So far, so good.

    judy, loads of fun!

    michael, just your ordinary, garden variety (see what I did there?), French green bean.

    t.b., it will be interesting!

    emm, lol! And thank you.

    jan, thanks! We need all the help we can get. ;)


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