Saturday, July 02, 2016

Am I blue

You'd be, too. If you were this bridge. I don't have anything much to say about it, except that it's painted bright blue. I don't even know if it has a name, but the street that runs over it is called rue Mill (Mill Street), as far as I can tell from the map.

There's a gray pedestrian bridge over the lock doors (you can see it under the larger bridge on the left), but it was closed off to the public.

There are a couple of locks at this end of the canal. In fact, the bridge crosses two parallel locks. The park on the far side is called les jardins des écluses (the locks gardens).


  1. For a name, how about "Nattier" Bridge?
    I hope the reference is not too subtle.

  2. gosia, it was a colorful contrast to the industrial buildings all around.

    michael, I looked it up, but I'm still lost...

  3. Nattier was a French painter. He often used a light blue with a gray/slate tone. It is now called Nattier Blue. very French. :-)


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