Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ville Marie to McGill

This is a view up the Avenue McGill College from the Place Ville Marie to the McGill University campus. Those buildings going up the side of the hill in the background are part of the university. I walked from here to the campus, but decided I was too beat to climb up the hill, so I headed back to the subway and my hotel.

There's a compass built into the paving in the foreground. I'm facing northwest.

But not before I wound my way through a new shopping center, which was still under construction right next to an older shopping center. All of it is connected underground to many offices, hotels, and the subway system, of course. Because: winter.


  1. Love this photo! I love that they have everything connected like that, to avoid having to go outside. I was in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, once, and they had a whole series of underground and above-ground walkways to connect everything in downtown. Minneapolis has something similar.
    Love your photos, Walt!

  2. I'm loving all your posts about Montreal.

  3. Another city with anti-winter underground passageways is Minneapolis.
    Evan New York has some, as there are tunnels connecting a number of the Rock Center buildings. Although I don't know if they're still open these days.

  4. judy, thank you!

    bosguy, thanks! A wicked good compliment. ;)

    emm, that doesn't surprise me at all, given Minneapolis' reputation for harsh winters.


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