Sunday, July 17, 2016

Au revoir, Montréal

Here's my parting shot, on the platform of the McGill subway station in downtown Montréal. From here, I headed back to the hotel (at Berri-UQAM). I was meeting a fellow blogger and his husband for dinner later in the evening. In the meantime, I sat in the hotel bar, enjoyed a couple glasses of white wine, and caught up with emails and the news.

On the eastbound platform at McGill Station.

I met R. and S. at a place called the Saloon Bistro Bar on Sainte-Catherine. We started with a big plate of fried calamari to share, then I had what they called a Mec' Saloon (a cheeseburger with pickles and a "secret" sauce) and fries, my first burger of the trip. Delicious! Since it was Wednesday (a school night), we didn't stay out too late.

The next morning I checked out of the hotel and picked up my rental car a couple blocks away. I drove up to the Plateau neighborhood to a bagel place that Ken and I went to in 2012. I enjoyed a sesame bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese and coffee. Yum. I bought half a dozen bagels to go.

After that, I drove out to a huge shopping mall in the suburbs where there is a Crate and Barrel store. I was in and out pretty quickly, stopped to fill the car's tank with gas (it wasn't full when I picked it up), then hit the road for my four-hour drive south to Albany. The border crossing was easy and soon I was passing through the Adirondacks. It was a nice day and a beautiful drive. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stop on the interstate to take pictures; most of the rest stops were closed.


  1. Unlike New York subway stations, this one is very bright and colourful, and probably very nice to use.

  2. I just noticed the goslings- Ryan is a cutie, well they all are cute...

  3. It's always a pleasure to see a subway station that's bright and cheerful.

  4. andrew, very different, indeed!

    evelyn, their mother was nearby, keeping watch. I have other photos for later.

    mitch, yup.

    melinda, I couldn't resist.

    judy, :)

  5. Agreed that it's nice to see bright, cheerful subways.
    Glad your border crossing was easy; I've heard a number of horror stories of late, which is truly distressing because the Canada border was always so pleasant.


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